Any mothers who crack?

  • Hi,

    I've been cracking my joints for years now and they've become progressively worse and worse. (Can't stand up without cracking at least my hip and ankles).
    I've been to doctors and physiotherapists who had no clue and I've never been truly bothered by the cracking. (it's my party trick to do my neck xD)

    Until today…
    A delivery man came into work today and noticed me cracking my knuckles, after a conversation I told him about all the cracking joints and he voiced a concern about if I were to ever become pregnant (I'm female) what the pressure of carrying a baby do to my spine.

    I was just hoping that anyone could alleviate my worrying by letting me know of their uneventful pregnancies even with clicky and cracky spines and other joints...

    Thanks 🙂

    edit: Oh dear I've posted this in the wrong topic 😞

  • welcome to the forum miste…. i dont know of the answer to your question though sorry!

  • you would be fine regarding pregnancy and cracking - a good chiro can work with you through your pregnancy. Don't worry.

  • bigfire is seeing a chiro so he's a good guy to speak to about it.

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