Lost ability to crack ankle

  • Hi guys, new to the forums.

    Ive been cracking lots of my joints for many years, with my back probably being my favorite (elbows coming in second).

    Once I got to 5th grade (I am now a freshman in college), I popped my ankles regularly. I'd wear my shoes all day at school, and first thing when I got home I'd take em off and pop my ankles and toes. I did this for about 3 years. Eventually, I could keep rotating my ankles and keep popping them over and over with no refactory period. But there wasn't any real good feeling any more.

    After 3 years of popping them, I voluntarily decided to stop since I wasn't getting that same satisfaction from it anymore.

    At the beginning of my senior year in high school(12th grade), I started popping my ankles again, maybe out of sheer boredom or accedent. It didn't feel as releiving as other joints but I did it anyways. Halfway through my senior year (this was about a year ago), I jumped off my roof and broke my left foot. It's a long story that is for another time.

    I ended up getting surgery and a metal plate put in my foot, just above the heel. I never stopped popping my toes through middle school, and having them stuck in that cast sucked, but was nothing compared to the actual pain of my foot. After about 4 months, I got the cast off and starting walking again, but never, not even once, popped that ankle again.

    I haven't even seriously tried to; I'm kind of scared that it might hurt or cause damage with the plate so close to it. Normally, I could just stretch my foot out and the ankle would pop, but now my left foot feels like it wouldn't pop even if I seriously tried to pop it.

    Anyways, not really asking a question, just sharing my experience with you guys. See what you think about it.



  • Thats weird… I wish my neck would stop clicking.
    Welcome to the board.

  • why would you wish that? I sure dont. It feels wonderful and loosens up my neck alot. Gives alot more range of motion.

    I dont really mind about my ankle cause the feeling was hardly there any more. Now that you mention it, I have had that happen to my neck before as well. But not permanantly.

    It's happened twice that I can remember. One morning I'll wake up with a really sore neck. Probably due from sleeping crooked. For the next couple of days, it would hurt really bad unless I held it in a very particular way. That meant no popping, it just hurt to much to hold my neck to the side.

    After a day or two it would mostly go away, but my ability to pop my neck would be gone. Instead of getting a solid 3 - 4 pops off in each direction, I would pull my neck to the side and get a quiet click, maybe, and that was all. And it did not feel relieving for more than 5 seconds. It really sucked.

    Eventually weeks later, after I kept trying to pop my neck, I would eventually be able to again.

    To me, the neck is great to pop because the joint is so close to your ears. It sounds alot louder and more impressive than it really is, which enhances the experience.

  • Well its a great pop normally when you do it.

    However dont you get "automatic" clicking, like when you just turn your head and it clicks itself?
    This drives me crazy!

    Looking forward to your reply,

  • No, when I move my head around normally, no clicking. Maybe a quiet grinding sound, and I mean so quiet that only I can hear it. But that may have been there before; it doesn't hurt or anything.

  • Did you ever get an injury to your neck?

    Can you think about this carefully, cos its important for me lol.

    cos mine started after i got punched in the neck by a bully

  • Nothing serious, that I can recall. Just the occasional cramp when I wake up that lasts for a day or two. I also got a sore neck once or twice from riding a particular wooden rollarcoaster at a theme park. Just some minor whip lash, only ached for maybe 30 min max.

    All minor stuff.

  • Can i ask you something?

    Do you think my neck would click if it wasn't for the bully punching me?

    the answer i want is yes, but the answer i expect you to give is no 8O

    write back 😎

  • I'm not a doctor, so I have no idea. Most people I know that have gotten hit in some joint or another usually just get a bruise. But there are always special cases.

    It's funny, because my case was quite the opposite. I used to click a joint, then it got injured and doesn't click anymore.

  • lol maybe i should ask the bully to punch me in the neck again :!:

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