Cracks everyone has

  • Knees

    Some have jaw

    A few unlucky ones (like me :oops: ) have toes, neck.

    This is all my opinion anyway, feel free to add your own

  • Cracking the neck is awesome. I grab my head and turn it carefully to the side, and if I haven't stretched properly there's a loud pop that scares the living daylights out of observers. Oh, fun. :mrgreen:

  • doesnt it click automatically?
    don't you feel you're always tense unless you crack it?
    and i'm scared to crack it, because i've read online it could give you a stroke…

  • I can crack:
    my elbows
    my fingers (multiple ways)
    my knees
    my ankles
    my neck (rarely)
    my back and jaw (rarely)
    and my toes (most often).

    I rarely crack my neck,and I actually dislike to do it anyways because it feels like I might snap my neck. My back and my jaw do not really like to crack and snap, but they sometimes do. My fav though is my toes, I do not know why, but I like to crack them and I can do so constantly.

  • big toe is hard
    other toes are easy, but not as satisying IMO

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