How unfair is this?

  • A few years back I got quite badly bullied by one person at school.
    Probably the biggest thing he did to me that I remember is when he punched me in the back, really hard, completely unprovoked.

    Presently, my neck still clicks and pops involuntarily, and I get into these weird chains of thought where I thinkif he never punched me, my neck wouldn't have clicked, and so and so would've happened, and then i would've met so and so, spoken to him, done that…. And although this sounds silly its true isnt it, so I get really angry and upset.

    But should I blame him? When I have got help for this, I have been told to look at the other side of the coin - like his state of mind and what must've happened in his life to make him how he is.
    But that means I can't blame him for punching me? If this happened to you, would you blame him or understand that stuff might've happened to him?

    PS. I actually managed to get in touch with him, and when I asked why he did it, he says he cant remember.
    However he says he might have done it to make people like him, and also said he was pretty messed up from getting bullied himself. (Which I think is true actually)

  • In looking at this situation as objectively as I can, the only thing I can say is that I'm not sure if it is a good idea for you to blame a single instance for your problems with cracking.

    Although, the unprovoked physical harm is itself reason enough to question the person's attitude towards life. Bullies and spazes are difficult to deal with and if they find attention in someone elses harm they can cause a lot of damage. If you can avoid this person and maintain a "you got me, your probably just better than me" attitude towards them, its probably for the better.

    As for cracking, eating a balanced diet with all the food groups is the easiest thing I can suggest.

  • unless the person who punched you is a freekin powerhouse spaz and you only crack in the area that you were hit.
    If thats the case, then rehabilitation could be a lot more difficult.

  • He is pretty big, but we never see each other now.

    That doesn't stop the cracking which I blame him for though…

    Or do you think my neck would crack anyway?

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