Time Warp on Discovery Channel

  • There is a new show called Time Warp. They do several segments per episode where they video tape something with a high speed camera, then watch it slowed down to see what really happens in excruciating detail. A few examples of things they've done include car wrecks, skateboarding tricks, and shooting an arrow through a soda can. Last week they did a high speed x-ray video of a hummingbird. We could see the bones and some fluid pockets in super-slow motion. That got me wondering if we could see a good neck or back crack in slow mo. I just wonder what it really looks like in there. I sent a suggestion to the shows website. If anyone would like to add a comment over there I'd appreciate it.

    Here's the show's website:

    Here is the page with my suggestion:

  • Its a good idea, but honestly no one wants to see an ugly guy cracking, for an hour or even a half an hour. There would have to be;

    animal crackers
    crack testers
    crack protesters (people who hate crackers)
    hot biophysicists

    Thats my take on it.

  • Interesting stuff…

  • I would watch
    Dvr is ready

  • Google Dempstead on youtube, he video his patients sessions, and then does 2 more versions slow and slower…check it out.

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