So what caused your joints to crack?

  • Was it injury, or did it just happen?

    Especially with the neck, does that normally just happen at a certain age?
    I got injured in the back so i dont know :?

  • In the back seat of an old 1984 Lincoln Town Car, when I was five, I bent my toe and it made a weird sound. I have been popping for ten years.

  • my cracking started with acute back pain and turned into chronic somewhat debilitating back pain. Now I crack my whole back, neck and hip constantly.

  • I started with my knuckles years ago. I saw my dad do it and was jealous that I couldn't do it too…so I started pushing on my knuckles a lot and eventually they started cracking. It's an obsession now lol. Then I started on my big toes.

    My knees have been cracking for years without me trying, as well as my ankle and wrist.

    I started cracking my back in high school leaning against low-back chairs. After I injured my back falling down stairs (twice in a 3 year time period...I had JUST started feeling better from the first injury and then BAM I bruise my tailbone and cause MORE back pain) and had to leave my chiropractor due to insurance reasons I self-taught myself how to crack other areas of my back that weren't being reached by using the chair back method. My entire back cracks now (upper more than lower, but most of my pain is now in the lower so I wish it cracked more often)

    My neck cracking started just shortly after I started with the heavy back cracking. My neck gets really tight and stiff these days, and cracking helps loads. I never used to like neck cracking, the sound creeped me out - I just never realized how WOW it is lol.

  • basketball and soccer mostly, I started to notice significant imbalances in my legs, hips and spine, which would cause pain in different instances. primarily the imbalances were caused by excessive jumping off my left foot in basketball.

  • stretching

  • playing basketball
    my best friend is left handed, I am right handed.
    he always goes left, I always go right.

    and Im going to say junk food, I lived beside a 7-11 for five years.

  • oddly enough my best friend was my roommate at the time and after playing basketball he would sit on the couch and crack his knees and ankles for about ten minutes or so. This was 4 years before I even started to crack. Once my cracking started it consumed my entire reality though, I had a psychosis while working at a welding shop, and was beginning to become physically unfit to accomplish basic tasks. Then I was reprimanded from work and spent two weeks in a psych unit. This was three years ago. Immediately after the psychosis, the cracking became omnipresent for me and has continued to do so.

    Ive gotten a lot healthier recently, due mostly to trying different diets and physical exercises. Now the cracking has become less painful and easier to control.

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