How and when did your Joints Start Cracking?

  • Was it after a particular injury?
    What age did you get cracking, or have you always had it since a kid?

  • I've been cracking as long as I can remember. My older brothers taught me. In second grade me and several other boys would crack just to annoy the teacher. She hated the sound of knuckles cracking. LOL

  • As long as i can remember, since I was a little kid. It was never on purpose. It just started with cracking with normal movement. My parents and grandparents did too.

  • When I was little, my dad started cracking my knuckles, so I feel I didn't really have a choice in the matter, but I'm not mad at him. I suppose it's one of my favorite daily "hobbies". As I got older, I just added more joints to crack.

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