Big Toe Crack

  • If your big toes crack, post stuff about it here if you like, then we can all compare :)

  • I've been doing mine for years! It's my favourite crack. Used to be a lot better when the style was narrow shoes. When your feet were squeezed into them all day your big toes cracked really well!

  • Can you give me a good technique? I need to release the joint there and can't get it to crack.

  • wait for it to get stiff and tight, then do it?

    welcome to the forum, please stick around!
    what other joints on you crack? neck/back?

  • Put your thumb on the side of the joint and pull the top of your toe out sideways. You'll get a lovely crack that way! :D

  • Locker! Nice to have a regular back again

  • Thank you. I haven't been on in ages!

  • lol its gone a bit dead, i hope you stick around a bit!

  • Distal big toe joint is nice, but the lower joint feels better and usually emits the lowest pitch crack of any other joint

  • what does "distal" mean?

  • @dj100:

    what does "distal" mean?

    The furthest joint out towards the nail :oops: - sorry

  • cool.
    are u a doctor?
    i think we've had a member on here who was a chiropractor or something.

  • Not an MD - a Ph.D., but in Chemistry.

    Distal, mid and proximal are very useful terms to describe cracking finger and toe joints!

  • wow - you could come in very handy!
    i've just made a thread on this….

  • I'm a Podiatrist.

    Was it me you where thinking about perchance?

  • @Locker165:

    I'm a Podiatrist.

    Was it me you where thinking about perchance?

    probably lol

  • cracking my big toe distal is a fav, can't crack the left though,
    Start with my toe, then ankle,knee,sometimes my hip will,then my spine although i know peole who can i can't click the invertabre between my shoulders. Neck is easy then a do the left shoulder, right won't crack, wrists most digits.left thumb won't crack but that's since a little accident and a few stiches,then my nose and i am done.
    Still i'ld love to get a few more spinal cracks in.

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