How do I pop my hip joints?

  • I can pop basically everything except my hips, everytime I try it hurts really bad, how do other people do it?

  • either set your foot right above your knee. like at a right angle. and push down on your leg.
    that could pop it or pick up your leg and push it back
    hopeit helps 😃

  • I find that when I've driven for a long time, when I stop I can get two really nice cracks from my hips. Must be to do with sitting still for a good while. I just move my knees apart and lift my b*m slightly and away they go. Heaven! :lol:

  • my method if you can picture this - standing up straight, feet bit wider than shoulder width apart, arms out wide horizontal to the ground (like a star jump position) reach sideways down to the the side of your knee or lower down the side of your leg (keeping your back straight and not leaning forward or back) start slowly one side then return to standing straight up, then do opposite side. slowly increase the speed alternating from side to side without stopping between sides. this usually gets quite a few loud hip socket pops for me.

  • Tried this one and nearly crippled myself! 8O

  • I lay down flat or stand straight and press my heels together on the insides of the heel keeping my legs stiff forward and it usually pops my hips.

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