The sacrum.

  • I used to go to a chiro regularly, and they would always press on my sacrum to adjust my hips, but didn't seem to accomplish much - nothing popped like when they'd do my spine. In the past couple months, I've started doing pilates and yoga frequently to help combat my chronic pain, especially in my hips, and now all I have to do to crack my sacrum is to be laying down, either on my side or my stomach, and twist my hips slightly. I can crack it over and over again, and it's become part of my going to sleep and waking up routines to crack it a few times. I seem to have a lot of pain focused on my sacrum, and popping it is simply delightful, and, like many others have said, almost orgasmic.

  • This is one of my favorite cracks. I've always referred to this as "cracking my butt", but after reading these descriptions, I think it is my sacrum. I think, like many of my cracks, it happened by accident the first time. I do this often at work where I sit for many hours in front of the computer. When I feel one coming on, I slouch down in my chair, cross one ankle over the other, and squeeze my buttcheeks together until I hear the crack. I don't think I've ever experienced the "full" 3 cracks, though. I'm jealous.

  • Old thread, sorry.
    As a person with a bad back and then riding b* * * * * * k & saddled, I can easily pop my sacrum. Most common now after a good horseback riding session.
    I pop it a few different ways. Easiest is when laying in bed face down, tighten legs upward from b* m down to heels, while rest is loose.
    Same with when standing. Hands on back of hips, back and legs relaxed, push hands down and onto the area. Others are random and I can't reproduce it well.

    I can also pop my sternum, anyone else? ?

  • @Trot Hey mate!
    I can crack my sternum

    Check out my YouTube channel

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