Joint cracking over time

  • I've noticed that some of my needs to crack my joints lessen as I continue to pop and crack. I first had a problem where I would rotate my arms every morning for a GREAT pop of my elbows… that soon left and I started needing to pop my knees in the morning this is gone.

    Has anyone else seen this happen, I'll keep you updated if I lose the need to pop anything else.

  • I think it's called something like a "refractory period".
    Once you crack, it takes time to recover apparently

  • Yes. I mostly pop my back now, and even that isn't as much as it used to be. I used to do my fingers and toes, elbows and knees constantly. I still do them some, but I don't NEED it like used to. I actually think since posting on this site I don't feel the psychological need to pop as much. It seems like talking about it would make me do it more if anything, but it doesn't work that way.

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