• I'm new here, I thought I'd join because of my problem with cracking. I assume I'm a bit late in pointing out we're all "crack-addicts." I'm a High School student from the US, and I've been dealing with cracking for a while.

    Here's a list:
    Neck: Several ways
    Back: Several ways
    Jaw (2 ways)
    fingers (4 ways for each) + thumbs (2 ways for each)
    knees (3 ways)
    Hips: Several ways
    Toes: (2 ways)
    ankles: (5 ways)
    Elbows: (4 ways)
    Proximal Phalange (of the foot)
    I can also pop my left ear 0_o

    So greetings…

  • Hello!
    It's always nice to have a new face around 😎
    And that's a lot of cracks!

    Feel free to have a look around: we have a lot of boards including a nice off-topic board if you want a break from cracking 😎

  • Thanks, I think I crack more while I'm here because I'm thinking about it. Well, I think I better go to bed. It IS 4:00 am.

  • lol.
    another thing just out of interest - when did your cracking start?
    mine started when i got punched really hard in the back (for my back/neck) and my toe is a long story!

  • Heya and welcome 😉

    Impressive list 😉

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  • Welcome to Jointcrackers, reena! I'm poppoppop, 15 years old, and have been cracking for ten years.

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