I'll be so happy if someone can answer this!

  • Firstly, apologies to regular members who have probably heard this story countless times, but for the benefit of those who don't know it may help them come up with a solution.

    A few years back someone, completely unprovoked, came up to me and thumped me in the back (really really hard) and ran off before i could get a look at them :oops: Fair enough, if it didn't have an effect. But albeit it did.

    Since that moment my back has cracked, but this is the problem I am really annoyed/confused about:

    since then whenever i turn right, my neck feels really stiff and often "clicks" as opposed to "cracks". By this i mean there is no refractory period, or a very poor one. Basically I mean I can keep doing this click over and over again.

    It is really frustrating when i'm not expecting it like first thing in the morning when i make a really slight movement - i can feel like i'm not in control of my own body :x

    So my question is, why does this only happen when i look to the right, what is it, and any other ideas?
    Also, do you think this is linked to my other post, as it kinda seems like it does :roll: http://www.jointcrackers.com/ftopict-441.html

    Thanks guys, this is probably my longest post ever so far lol 😛

  • Have you ever had an x-ray?

  • no, but i'll have to convince my doctors to refer me for one though, which i dunno if i can do 8O

  • Probably not.

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