Veins & Neck Cracking

  • I was wondering if anybody has ever had it when they crack their neck and it feels like a vein sticks out when you crack it? Is this bad or dangerous? Or simply just natural? I just don't remember it used to happening.

  • can;t say i've noticed. the only thing which i'm worried about (which i've recently remembered) is that apparently cracking your neck can give you a stroke?

  • Yeh i know that bit - it is a possibility not definitely.

  • anyone else know about the vein theory?

  • It's not a theory - just me.

  • could be others though - i firmly believed no one else had a cracking neck until i searched a bit online, and realised how immensely wrong i was!
    lol :D

  • Yeh but i mean it doesn't affect a lot probably.

  • I see :)

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