Jaw Ache

  • On the right side of my jaw, usually at night, for a short while i get this dull ache which doesn't go for a while.

    I was wondering why this has started and if any other person has had this which has then lead on to them managing to crack their jaw to release the ache.

  • Hi Blaze - you probably read that I have the same problem as you have outlined here. You can crack your jaw by using the palm of your right hand and pressing firmly against the right side of your jaw just under your ear where the joint is and it will crack and you will feel relief. Open your mouth when doing this. You then may be able to crack it from the left side as well. Sometimes it will crack on it's own by opening your mouth very wide.

    I experienced alot of pain a couple of years ago and the joint muscle actually became larger. I had it examined by my dentist who sent me to an oral surgeon who took an MRI of the area - nothing wrong apparently. This is the problem we who have joint problems endure - lack of knowledge and facility to diagnose our problems correctly.

    After several years of this jaw problem, it has settled down pain wise and just needs a cracking every once in a while - usually as part of my other joint cracking requirements.

    Hope this helps,

    regards, Benny

  • Thank you Benny as this is one of the only clear explanations of how to crack a joint i can't so far.

    Would it hurt to press quite hard down to get it to crack? Furthermore, is it like the circle bit at the end of the jaw?

  • Hi Blaze - yes it requires a fair amount of pressure to crack it - your elbow should be up and pretty much parallel with the floor with the ball of your palm resting on the round bump of your jaw joint just where it turns to go up toward your ear. Yours fingers should extend toward the back of your neck with your thumb pointing downwards. It may require several quick pushes to finally crack it but if there is any sharp pain it is probably best to stop.

    Hope this helps and good luck,


  • Ah thank you.

    I wasn't sure because i just felt the area you described but there is also the end of the jaw further up the ear so i wasn't sure which part. I might try only if i really can't deal with the ache.

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