I'm pretty sure that I can crack everything possible on me!

  • I'm a ballet dancer, and I haven't met a dancer that doesn't crack CONSTANTLY. My loudest cracks are my hips (i stand on one leg with the other slightly off the ground and pitch forward….an amazing crack)

    I can also crack..

    -Neck (like crazy...at least 10 pops eachway)
    -Sternum (i love that one..i swear it makes my chest bones look bigger)
    -Hips (my favorite)
    -Knees (the deep inside crack)
    -Knee caps
    -All fingers, each joint
    -All toes, each joint
    -Instep (on top of foot)
    -The bones right above your b**t crack (i have no idea what those are lol)

    .....yeah, there's pretty much nothing i can't crack.

  • I think I'm in love :oops:

  • I also crack everything, almost
    you left out :

    Jaw (i can't do that one, yet)
    Nose (can't do that either, not sure i'm trying 2)
    (and I've only done the sternum once or twice)

    The bones above your b**t are either lumbar vertebrae
    or there is debate on here about the sacroiliac joint and weather or not it can be cracked.

  • you're right! i forgot about my wrists! i love it when they pop!!

  • Do you have a good technique to Crack your sternum.
    I have accomplished this by joining my palms behind my back and then pulling down. I do that stretch often, but only cracked my sternum once or twice once or twice.

  • i just kind of arch backwards and up at the same time….haha i just cracked it! and when you do, you kind of have to hold your breath.

  • Welcome, Bella. I can crack most of those too. Not the instep, and rarely the sternum. I love cracking my hips and tailbone too.

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