• I think that when i cracked my neck the other day i did something to i think it is a vein in my neck (the two vein type things that stick out in your neck). It feels like bruised and when i try to crack my neck it feels like it is sticking out even more and it feels just plain right weird.

  • It could be that you have pulled the sympathetic nerves too far. They will mitose back into place shortly.

  • mitose - as in mitosis?

  • ooo posh word :)

  • biology.

    I remember learning a bit about it but i don't see how it is related :?

  • good old biology, if only they had a bone/joint module…. 8) :) :D

  • Human anatomy?

  • do they teach that in schools though that much?

  • Not really - depends on the syllabus.

  • yeah i guess so

  • The government sort that out + teachers choose what things to teach.

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