Which of your crackable joints has no refractory period?

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    To start I'll quote 'pistache268' from http://www.jointcrackers.com/ftopict-28.html

    I am able to snap my index finger repeatedly. This involves pushing downwards and to the side, making it snap. I don't need to wait for it to be recracked. This, with the normal cracking has made my finger very flexible, and I can push it down to reach the palm of my hand. I think the joint has got a little swollen as well. Shocked

    So obviously 'pistache268' has no refractory period in his index finger and can thus crack this very specific joint continuously.

    I cannot reproduce this, but I have another joint with no refractory period: My ankles. My right shoulder blade is also very resilient and can't get enough.

    Probably the more you crack one specific joint the less refractory time it will need.

    What is your 'favorite' joint? 🔨

  • I have the smaller cracks which have no refractory periods but like the main major big ones that you get when you wake up or haven't cracked for a few hours does have a refractory period.

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