Advantages of Joint Cracking?

  • As I said in another post, I guess it would be a nice party trick to show off your "talent" lol.

    Any other advantages you can think of? Post them here and make me feel better about having cracking joints :)

  • lol i think we've come to the conclusion there aren't really any advantages:)

  • Yep but MC will differ.

  • i can't think of advantages for actual cracking
    but healthy joints are advantageous .

  • really MC? in what way do they give me an advantage over someone who doesn't crack?

  • Yes - how do they? with scientific evidence.

  • i'm eagerly awaiting MC to come on and reply.. 8)

  • Lol i just want to see what he will write.

  • I think u misunderstood.
    I don't think cracking gives you any advantages. Duh, hows that for scientific proof.

    Mobilizing joints by rotation and movement and stretching (which often brings cracks OR you are doing to get cracks) keeps them(the joints) and the muscles and tendons and ligaments involved strong and flexible, reducing your chance of injury from sports or any life activities.

    Did you guys really need me to explain why healthy joints are advantageous?
    I thought you guys went to talented schools LoL.

  • That's me lol.

    Well i was under the impression you did. Wo - someone a li'l tetchy tonight?

  • if there was a course in joint cracking i'd fail still because there's so much to know!!!

  • Lol bundles - so there wouldn't be a course.

  • I would take the course

  • Yeh thought so.

    However a proper course could not be taught.

  • @MasterCracker:

    I would take the course

    i'd take it too - we could set up a university on it together, everyone from this forum lol 8)

  • No because some are still in secondary and primary learning

  • yeah

  • And other forms of learning.

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