Joint Cracking Jargon

  • Maybe put all the jargon we use into this thread?

    ROM etc.

    i don't know what ROM means, but i've seen mastercracker mention it a few times :)

  • Range of Motion.

  • good one… hypermobility aswell.

  • i just said what ROM was because you had it in your post.

  • I think hypermobility is getting confused on some threads.
    Hypermobility is when you have some or many joints that can do movements that are not normal or possible for a non hypermobile person to do.
    Just because you can crack DOES NOT MAKE YOU hypermobile.
    The yogi demos I have posted are not necessarily hypermobile.
    This is what people often call 'double jointed'
    although No one has a "double joint"
    It can look a little creepy but is natural.

  • so double jointed is just slang?

  • definitely

  • interesting - i learn so much from here:)

  • Double Jointed isn't real?

    What else have i been lied to about 8O

    Next thing you know - they will say Pingu doesn't exist :lol: :lol:

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