"Unusual" neck cracking

  • I've mentioned this in another post with Blaze but I thought I'd create a new thread.

    I get the usual need to crack my neck, that's normal.

    But what I find a bit weirder is this extra "click" on the right side of my neck. Ever since someone hit me in the back a few years back, every time I move my neck enough to the right (sometimes even the left) my neck experiences this awful "click". Doctors don't seem to be able to tell me, so I was hoping for as many opinions as possible on this from you guys?

    Thanks 8)

  • Must be someone who gets me surely lol 8O

  • Just another hard click or the bit where you cannot go any further even though there feels like there is and it is very desireable even though you cannot get it.

  • painful though

  • yep

  • anyone else get this?

  • Answer the guy :P

  • yeah :P

  • :wink:

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