• Why, bod8? Are you having the same vein issue as Blaze?

  • no vein issue - it's just got me thinking typing might have an affect on arthritis etc.

    but then as i think about it, doctors have said that cracking your hands doesn't give you arthritis, haven't they?
    so maybe typing wouldn't be so bad after all…

  • Yeh too much time typing does call damage and this certain problem.

    Well jpad - i wouldn't say i am completely muscle bound :lol: - maybe second best :lol:

    Na, i am thin.

  • I am not fecked lol

  • @Blaze:

    Since cracking my hands i have recognised that my veins stick out more and some people have commented that they look like old people hands. Now i remember seeing a progamme on ITV1 saying about when you get older, there is a liquid that makes your hands look big and make veins kind of hidden and this goes away when you are older.

    This is why older people's hands have the veins sticking out more - but i am young and wondered if this is related to jointcracking?

    what program was that/when abouts was it on?

  • A Tonight With Trevor McDonald Investigation.

  • oo interesting, i wonder if they'll ever repeat it…

  • Probz not but they will develop it maybe.

    But it isn't related to jointcracking.

  • I read in the newspaper today about Angelina Jolie's veins sticking out of her arms a lot like a body builders. They were saying how strange it was for a 6 month old woman to have thin arms. They said it was due to her excessive work outs and dieting.

    Furthermore, a scientist said that veins that stick out is, if you have very little fat underneath.

    So i thought about my hands and how i am thin and i keep getting told to eat and now think that it is bad and dangerous.

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