Curious and Recently…

  • Trying to sleep in car after cracking neck on a long journey to France and my neck is turned to the side and i get like ripples down my back after turning to the side.

    I have been feeling weird pains in my back and one of my dad's GP friends said that i have growing pains because when i run or jump… i get pains in my chest and back.

    But regardless, i know i need to stop the cracking in my neck now.

  • Hmm, maybe see the GP guy for a more detailed appointment?

  • With the pains in chest and back - growth pains i am told - which would explain my rapid growth.

  • Blaze just wait till you stop growing.
    Then it's just called pain without the growing excuse.

  • Lol probably - but i want it to go, because i have athletics at school soon and i am going to have to do a lot of running.

  • thats gotta be annoying..

  • Yeh - head of sport is a right tough b…..

    I have 1500m, 400m, 200m, 100m etc

    Cricket and i guess i will have more cross country - which is like 4 km

  • whoa good luck with that dude

  • Lol thanks

  • Do you train much? Getting myself motivated for exercise is hard enough without having cracking joints lol, i dunno how it is for you? 8O

  • Not really. I used to be very sports orientated in my first year at school but head of sport kinda knocked it out of me. All his biased to his favourites, his inability to praise people, rudeness and his general manner.

    I used to run 3.3km i think it was in the 13 minutes - PB was 13:13.

    Now it is like 16.

    Also as i said i can't run atm, i can't really be bothered, i get a lot of homework, i have an english coursework essay and revision this weekend and stuff.

    There are a few guys in my year who are hench who do a lot of sport. I am just thin.

  • Blaze do you know how high impact running is on joint health.
    especially knees, and ankle tendons and ligaments.
    Hope you wear good shoes to help prevent joint injury.

    and your worried about cracking's impact on your joints? 😄

  • Yes i do know.

    When you run, your foot absorbs the impact of three times your body weight.

    I am getting trainers soon anyway because i need some and i will get running trainers.

    I love sport and i know it is bad on joints but so is cracking. I mean as long as i play squash, i won't be rid of my knee disease - well any sport.

  • I run too blaze.
    I love too.
    I try and get new running shoes about every 3 months.
    Stretch often, keep good form, and hope for the best.
    Tread mills offer the least risk.
    The softest ground and flush surface.
    But nothing beats running outside.
    Anyway just busting chops…

    Blaze:I love sport and i know it is bad on joints but so is cracking.

    only the sports part has been proven, no ones proved joint cracking is bad for joints, but they have proved the impact of sports/running IS or CAN be bad on joints. You could read about is all year on the net.

  • As always MC :lol:

    I usually have to do shuttle runs - which are runs up and down the squash court as i usually make one too many cheeky remarks. :lol:

    My coaches are like 20 so mainly they are cool with it but for the guys who are like 12…

  • How do you get motivation to do exercise?

    Every time i try i get going but then give up… 😢

  • Well firstly, i don't do the shuttle runs willingly - i have to do them as a result of my cheekiness.

    Also, if you have an ambition in life or a target or something you can think about to push you to your limits then it helps.

    Or if there is a certain person - it will spur you on etc.

  • Affirmation
    You have to use a strong mind to have a strong body.
    tell yourself you can do it and you love it.

  • but thats hard!

  • Lol but i don't. I took a knock to the head yesterday at squash and coach made me tell my parents in case i passed out lol

    Didn't stop me from playing 4 games undefeated.

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