Does stretching your toes and neck help lessen cracking?

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    "Some people have hypermobility with no other symptoms or medical conditions. However, people with hypermobility syndrome may experience many difficulties. "

    so hypermobility is perfectly normal
    hypermobility SYNDROME is a disorder, w a list of potential problems

    Neither mention Cracking joints being associated to them.
    Nor weak tendons or ligament springs.

    but it's relative and interesting info :wink:

    It's still the most plausible explanation to me. Of course I might be on the wrong path here.
    I would love to hear your idea why some people feel stronger urges to crack their joints than others. And why that urge subsidizes when said person refrains from giving in for a while?

  • a friend of mine cracks his neck like crazy! i do crack my toes out of habit but i'm a bit hesitant with the neck. as long as it doesnt hurt, there's nothing to worry about i suppose.

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