Neck - which side to crack first

  • oh i see.

    do you have a tendency to crack to the right then? i do ever since i was thumped in the back by someone at school :x lol.

    since then, i have always needed to crack but felt a different special tendency to crack to the right. sometimes this simply involves looking right and then back to the starting position. it's weird, do you have it too?

  • no but i get weird feelings on the right side of my back and neck when needing to crack.

  • you get these feelings more often than on the left, right? (lol at the pun 8) )

  • pain in back on right

    weird neck feeling left

  • hmm i get kinda the same - weird!

  • Lol once you have an avatar - you can't get rid of it unless JC removes it for you.

  • lol yeah i just changed it to this dude in a suit cos i got bored of the smiley 8)

  • Ok

  • I am exactly the same.

    If I try to click to the right first, I get a sharp pain that makes me stop, however if I go left to right it is perfectly fine.

    I think it is because the sympathetic nerves are located more to this side.

  • Wow someone who has to do the same. I can sometimes do the other side if i move my neck into a certain area.

    What are those nerves you mentioned?

  • hope ben replies this seems interesting and maybe quite significant…

  • Yep - for me def!

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