Big Toe Clicking

  • I never thought I'd find someone with the exact same problem as me lol!
    Mine started after i went to a specialist to look at my feet. He pulled my left big toe to massage it/something, and since then… click click click.
    Yeah when I have shoes on its muffled but still happens. Do you find it better to go barefoot at home then, because socks can sometimes make it worse?
    And have you tried going to the doctor about it?

  • and even as i typed that message when i got up to get a drink, my toe clicked. do you get that, clicking at the worst times? eg. doing work or trying to concentrate, then the click happens?
    lol, well not really that funny tbh :?

  • I didn't see my GP about it, but I did see a doctor about it (I've had treatment for cancer, and went on a trip with the hospital) within the week it happened, but my foot was still swollen, so was hard to diagnose and the clicking had not started then.
    It was only when the swelling went down that the clicking started.
    Also, the clicking is more pronounced if I manipulate it with movement (as in, I move it with my hand, rather than walking naturally).
    I often where soft sold slippers around the house, they seem the best thing.

  • Hmm. Well I can't think of anything else at the moment, but if you logon later and keep checking back I reckon some other members will probably have something to say on it 😎

  • actually i just had a thought as my big toe just cracked as i sat down 😎
    is it always worst after you've been sitting down or sleeping for a while and then you get up?
    thats what i find and its so annoying! not as annoying as when it randomly happens though :?

  • Maybe you need a scan.

  • doctor says its not necessary

  • Scr3w the doctor :lol:

    Force him too :lol:

  • where have you gone pompeylad - we had exactly the same problem with our toes!!!

  • i can crack my big toe on demand, like how you crack yur fingers. but if mine went out of control, that would suck

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