Have you noticed?

  • If any of you have restrained from cracking a joint - in my case, fingers - once you accidentally crack or intentionally crack, the level of satisfaction is very minor compared to the cracks you want to get when you crack every day.

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    The longer the cracking abstinence, the louder the cracks will usually be, and often the easier it will be to crack the joint.

    However, I do agree that the level of cracking satisfaction increases with the regularity of cracking. This observation is even in line with the cause of hypermobile joints / lax liagments.
    The more you crack, the more lax the liagments will get, the higher the desire to crack will get, the higher the satisfaction will be when that desire is met.

    Makes sense?

  • Of course JC :lol:

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    Great! :lol:

  • on top of all that , systematic stretching will also increase your flexibility over time and increase your range of motion, in turn increasing your ability to crack joints. They go hand in hand stretching and cracking. I find stretching to be just as compulsive as cracking joints. The more I stretch the more I want/need to stretch, just like cracking. If you think about it when you crack a joint you are usually doing a stretch. Like when doing a spinal twist to crack your back you are also stretching several muscles in the back and neck. I prefer to do spinal twists slow long and far and hold the stretch for a couple of breaths after cracking getting the most out of the stretch and sometimes extra cracks a few breaths in.

    It's the jolting quick forced spinal twists that some people do that can strain your muscles and cause neck or back pain. The muscles are not warmed up and then they are jolted or forced past there normal range of motion to get a vertebrae crack. I used to do that a lot as a kid, though it never caused much pain, I now understand how it could strain spain or inflame a muscle.

    keep crackin'

  • Interesting, Mastercracker. I find that when you crack a lot it feels good and addictive but these feelings stop as aforementioned above and as JC has tried to explain.

    However, i do not feel that stretching is addictve. The stretching to get a hard crack is but i suppose that is only because you are trying to crack that joint.

  • after a long time of habitual cracking in my feet i find that by sitting with my otes and ankles immobile for at least a half hour(works better when feet are cold and/or after youve had a toke), more places on my foot will crack, and they are much more satisfying, than if i were to crack whenever i pleased, probably about every 10 min.

  • Yep, the cold definitely helps to crack and brings around a greater satisfaction. However i think it is easier to damage your joints too when it is cold so they both cancel eachother out if you were considering moving to Alaska 😛 :lol:

  • Who's proven that cracking joints damages them Blaze?

    Crack away, don't be afraid, joints crack because they want to be cracked.

    Because there Supposed to.

    It's part of there natural design.

    G*d wants you to crack.

    Didn't you get that memo????


  • Are you sure - your meant to contort your body in ways that would hurt to just get a crack.

  • The idea is not to "contort" your body to get cracks. The idea is to keep your body moving and stretching, your joints mobilized and healthy with a wide Range Of Motion(ROM) and decreased risk of injury. To keep your blood flowing and heart pumping AND if you happen to crack in the process BEAUTIFUL. :mrgreen:

  • Yeah but there are gonna be times when you can't get that crack and you are gonna pull that just little bit harder.

  • If you don't listen to your body, and try and push past your normal ROM - of course injury to muscle tissue or ligaments is possible. Pretty simple stuff. Thats why you should work within your limits and not force cracks or stretchs. Or you'll have to deal with the strain or tense muscles later.

  • Or you could get a professional massage therapist or physiotherapist to sort out the tension.

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