My ankle

  • I twisted my ankle on Wednesday. It hurt so bad I had to use crutches the rest of the day. Day 2 I could limp around gently. Yesterday I could walk almost normally. I'm trying to be careful and take it easy, but I'd say I'm mostly better now except for one thing. I can do a new crack on the hurt ankle only. Sitting in a chair, I lift my heel and keep my toe on the ground. Very softly, I turn my ankle to the side and it pops loudly. I don't have to give it any pressure at all, and it won't repeat crack until later. I wonder if this new ability will go away when the ankle is completely healed. Has anyone else ever had an injury give them a new way to crack?

  • I have known people to be able to crack a joint a lot more including myself and also it does help to crack a new area.

    I don't think it is to worry about too much but refer to Aqualiz on the causes thread as she had an incident with her back.

  • Well, my ankle doesn't pop in the same way anymore now that I'm feeling better. Very interesting.

  • Ok then

  • Glad your ankle feels better. Even if it's not popping. I think that sometimes when a joint, like your ankle, gets pushed past it's normal Range of Motion (ROM) that a crack can occur that doesn't normally because the muscles or tendons in the area are not flexible enough to normally move that far. When the damaged muscle or tendon heals you again don't have the ROM or flexiblity to continue getting the crack.

  • Fair point, as a joint when broken and then fixed is stronger than it is originally. So it is viable to suggest that some areas where you could originally move a joint now can't be reached as the healing as restricted the ability to get there.

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