Upper mid-back crack technique

  • I lay face down on the carpet or wood floor with my arms folded under my chest. I then take several deep breaths - inhaling and exhaling in an exaggerated fashion.

    MY wife stands over me and places her hands on my back - in between my shoulder blades - on my upper back, where my ribs connect.

    On my third or fourth exhalation, she gives a firm, but not hard downwared and slightly upward push.

    I usually get a nice POP and release.

  • Nice move . will have to try that. I never tried it quite like that. The perpendicular grooves on each side of the spine is called the laminar groove. It is also a great location for pressure and massage. There are accupressure and acupuncture spots up and down these groves. Shiatsu massage uses a technique with thumbs in those grooves w pressure and one w prayer hands pushing down while lying on you stomach and it often cracks vertebrae also. The key you have down here is BREATHING. pressure on the exhale. Deep breathing creates deeper stretching and relaxation which results in more cracking. Crackity Crack …goes my back.

  • The laminar groove….excellent, thanks, I'll cite that to my wife in an effort to impress her. She has been studying yoga for 12 years, now training to be a yoga teacher, and heavy into the anatomy studies right now...

  • yeah you can google 'laminar groove' you'll get better results if you put the word 'shiatsu' with it. I practice shiatsu and study anatomy too. I practice yoga daily also, maybe 6 yrs, and i find some stretches to be as addictive as cracking. In fact practicing yoga cracks every joint in my body these days, except maybe my jaw, which someone on here says they crack by pulling down on, but that has not worked for me yet. yoga stretching and breathing is a key to expert cracking. The goal of the stretching is NOT cracking joints, but if you are a cracker, long slow relaxing stretching will create cracks. The more flexibile you become the more you will crack. (if you are a cracker) I fell like a yoga class w an experienced teacher brings you through systematically stretching most if not all muscles in the body and in turn mobilizes and cracks all the joints that want too. Holy crack…... 😎

  • my wife has just informed me that she crosses her wrists, close to the spine with the fingers pointing outward to give her leverage.

  • sweet , thats just like a massage move you use on a massage chair pushing the muscles away from the spine laterally. I tried the move on my girl w different hand position, No crack. She's Not a Cracker though, Every now and then I get one for her though. Cracking other people is just as fun and rewarding. I will try crossed wrists w fingers pointing laterally next time. thanx for the info …......my voice cracks too..

  • I get massages for free 😄

  • Lucky! How do you manage to get free massages?

    My husband will massage me, but only every now and then will he do it for longer than like, one minute.

  • jpad, I am a massage-a-holic and a massage therapist(MT). I have a simple technique to receive massage form your partner. Offer them one first or second. Break out the timer, i do all the time. Offer a fair trade of 15 min or whatever. I trade hours all the time, but I have a passion, not to mention education and massage table, for this. Everyone loves massage. giving it can be just as rewarding. i'm sure your partner could use a shoulder rub too, so tell him he gets one after you, and he he wants 30min so do you :lol:
    this usually works like a charm. good luck

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