IS this still cracking my neck?

  • I know I shouldn't crack my neck, and i'm wondering, whenever I move my neck around, I can hear a very slight crunching sound, it doesn't hurt and it still moves fine. however, sometimes it clicks properly, but I can just keep twisting my neck around and keep getting clicks when I goes past the postion.

    Oh, and you should also add knee and shoulder to the list of crackable places in your motto thing. Unless that's just me.

  • When we have to warm up at squash we have to roll our neck around and you hear clicks - i am not sure that is as bad though as the main cracks you might get, say, when you wake up then move your head.

  • Oy I get that too, especially when I'm trying to crack my neck and it just won't go. It's rather… annoying. I don't know what it is.

  • Maybe keep stretching it?

  • Yeah I normally stretch and massage it a bit to try and get rid of the need to crack.

  • I think you hear the cracking because you have already laxed the tendons so it will be easier to crack, so you are hearing a miniature version and not that dangerous i don't think crack.

  • That website does help but i don't see how it is a big danger

  • Well, think about the damage that could be done in the long run if your vertebrae are constantly rubbing against each other. Would probably cause irritation and general wear. I'd imagine arthritis would be a big concern.

  • Well you don't roll your neck around every second so once a day/week isn't causing as much damage.

  • Not right away, but in the long run?

  • Well, unless you do a lot of sport and warm up a lot, then you won't roll your neck all the way around and you can do other neck stretches.

  • I still think it'd probably cause long term issues eventually…even if you're not doing it all the time, I usually can't avoid doing it at least a few times a day, particulary since I'm becoming a neck crack addict and I have to roll it to crack it lol.

  • Maybe, and i am trying to crack neck, if you don't crack, when you move the neck - there are tugs that make you want to crack.

  • I get that too StickZer0 - a lot :?

  • Also when trying to crack my neck, i sometimes get pains in my back close as if it is going to crack there too but it feels nasty and horrible and makes me reconsider cracking my neck.

  • yeah i often get pains further down my spine aswell, its annoying when you "have" to crack

  • And when i get weird feelings when trying to get a crack :cry:

  • what sort of feelings blaze?

  • Well as i have mentioned - like spasms sometimes, and ripples.

    Sudden pain when trying to get a hard joint and also, after i have cracked the neck, i often find when turning my neck to a certain place at the side that it kind of feels like it moves in an out like a twinge or something.

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