What i crack + side effects after? are you similar?

  • Crack:

    2 toes
    Used to crack fingers

    Side effects:

    Neck - headache for a few seconds + i lose vision for a few seconds and feel sick.
    Back - feel a little light headed + feels weird to breathe for a few seconds.
    Toes - Nothing :D

    I still get nice feelings from them though :wink:

  • you lose vision and feel sick for a few seconds after a neck crack? I think you should stop! Stick to the basic joints

  • Kinda lose vision - goes a bit blurry, headache for a few seconds and feel sick for a few seconds

    Only sometimes - and today when i played squash my neck hurt for a short while :?

  • It's opposite for me. I fell down stairs like, almost 3 years ago and I have a subluxation in my upper back. Sometimes if my back is having a bad day I get chest pains - but usually cracking my back helps it.

  • I don't get any of those symptoms. It's all just a good feeling and relief to me. If I got lightheaded I would worry.

  • Yeh, i am really beginning to feel nervous about neck cracking. When i see my GP next - i am asking them about it.

  • hey blaze have you seen your GP yet? what did they say?

  • One of my dad's gp friends said it is dangerous for me to do and shud stop.

  • ah yeah i'm sure you've told me that already :)

  • yep

  • lol :lol:

  • 8O

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