Chest bone and back bone cracking Addictiion

  • I have been cracking my neck and back almost 2 years. ANd recently its getting serious, and becoming very addictive. Specially when cracking the back bone , bending the head forward , tilting the head to the left and right ( its soo so addictive)

    2: the 2nd is when im standing up , and i bend my body backwards but slightly to the left of right, cracking the chest bones. very addictive as well!!! And geting so habitual now, that i have to crack them every few minuites.

    Anyone has the same habbit? it feels so good, but i feel that in the long run, its going to be terrible, but i just cant cant cant stop it!!!

  • I feel that with my neck and i used to with my fingers that i have to do it. If you feel it is going to do damage - then stop. The only successful way i know so far is willpower and i have successfully stopped cracking my fingers since new years day.



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