Mystery foot joint

  • Occasionally, when I am walking, a joint somewhere along the arch of my foot will feel as if it is stuck in a position, and i must apply significant weight to the foot before it pops and returns to normal. Does this happen to anyone else or does anyone know what causes this?

  • I actually do know exactly what you're talking about. It's only on my left foot, but several times throughout the day if I sort of roll it up and stand on the ball, it will crack. I don't have any idea what causes it, and it doesn't really feel much different, it's just addicting.

  • I get that, also only on one foot, very odd

  • that one's the best, I can do it whenever I want by pushing outward on my foot… its gooood.

  • Doesn't sound like one whole joint

    Maybe you are catching something on something?

  • I get it in my bunion sometimes. There was actually a period of time where it would hurt and the only way to make it go away was to crack it. Thankfully that went away, but it still cracks sometimes.

  • Why don't you get the bunion removed and thus no cracking?

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