Cracking Neck

  • I crack my neck a bit now and i can get about 3/4 cracks on each side. However when i starin my head goes lightheaded and my heart feels weird and its a bit hard to breathe for a few seconds?

  • Appendicularly cracking such as fingers, toes, elboes knees, ankles, et cetera is safe. Axially cracking, such as the spinal column is a bit more tricky. It sounds like you pinch one of the arteries going into your head. Since brain-damage would be bad, stop using your hands It is okay to crack you neck by rolling your head and twisting your neck using its own muscles. You will not get 3?4 cracks each way any more, but you will not have to worry about brain-damage either.

  • heres a good neck cracking video!

  • i don't use my hands

    i use my neck - i just lean to the side

  • You know, if you open your mouth in just the right way, making it as open and hollow as you can, you can get a really great sound when you crack your neck! Especially the the top couple of vertebrae. A REAL crowd pleaser. :lol:

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