• My parents are so worried, that they are now trying to find ways to make me stop. My dad's friend is a GP. He says that because of the cracking of my fingers, by the age of 40 i will have arthritis. There is no support in my fingers and he said that it will not come back.

    Guys and girls, i really need help. I am getting really woried and i don't know what to do.

    Possible solutions that have been thought so far are:


    The two times i don't crack for the longest are when i am sleeping and when i am distracted, usually by a game or film.

    Anybody else have any suggestions?

    Please post,

    Thank you,


  • You do not have to stop cracking. It will not cause arthritis. This is just the old war against pleasure:

    Our rulers want us so pleasure-starved that we become so aggressive that we fight and die in their wars. That is why we have these rules:

      • No cracking.
      • No m**********n.
      • No s*x except for procreation.

    This is why we s****lly mutilate babies by circumcising them. Tens of millions of boys and millions of girls are circumcised every year. Note they they live in s****lly suppressive violent societies.

    The members of your family trying to get you to quit popping do sop because it is pleasurable. They want to deny you pleasure. They hope that the lack of pleasure will leave you violently neurotic so that you will be the perfect soldier for the war-machine.

  • Urm no its not that actually. And some people are circumsised for health and religion

    i ahev stopped clicking my fingers for 8 days so far

  • Blaze:

    “Urm no its not that actually.”

    ¿To what does this refer?

    “And some people are circumsised for health”

    Over the course of a lifetime, less than 1% of people require circumcision. This is about the rate at which people require the removal of eyes and over a thosand times better than toothretention (the rate of toothloss over a lifetime can be over 1000% because each tooth is 100% of a tooth and most people loose about a dozen teeth over a lifetime.

    “and religion”

    Religion is no excuse to mutilate defenseless babies and children. If your priest told you to sacrifice a baby to G*d, ¿would you do it? S****lly mutilating children leaves then s****lly frustrated and more likely to be fanatical. Forcing the parents to participate increases their obedience. The mutilation marks the child so the child cannot leave the religion.

    “i ahev stopped clicking my fingers for 8 days so far”

    If you want to give up pleasure that is your choice. Still, a time might come when you are so desperate for pleasure that you take a drink and become an alcoholic. This is a funny movie about m**********n saving a girl from becoming an addict:

    MidWest Teen S*x Show

  • Lets face it Walabio is chatting … He is obviously a very bored person who has nothing better to do than criticize other people's ways of life.
    If he wants to stop cracking then let him do it!
    Walabio you don't have any knowledge about the long term effects of joint cracking at all. All he is going on is his own pre-conceptions.

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  • Community Lead

    Everyones' opinion is appreciated here, as long as it is not offensive!

    Walabio, I thoroughly enjoyed your posting. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Blaze, I'm getting a little tired of repeating myself. But here yet again: There are no scientific proofs of any kind relating arthritis to joint cracking whatsoever. Period. At the worst your fingers will get a little sore, your grip will get a little worse, and you will have a harder time to stop due to the addictive properties when overdoing knuckle cracking.

    If you wanna stop, do it for the right reasons.

  • LoL
    Classic rhetoric.
    Blaze you been tryin to quit for a long time.
    Good Luck on it will be a lifelong mission.
    I could never deny my cracking destiny.
    that was a pretty funny S.O.S. signal blaze…

    help my joints are cracking.....

  • Yes very funny :?

    When i was younger, yes i couldn't with my fingers. But if you are posting on my old threads just to take the mick, please tell me so i don't look at them.

    Also Walabio made loads of weird comments.

  • what the heck does 'take the mick' mean…

  • lolololololol!!!!!!!!!!

    take the michael

    mocking someone


  • listen michael
    I'm just posting where it's interesting
    I just can't believe we had this same conversation

    walaobio has some interesting views on society
    They are not that far fetched
    But walabio my girls loves my mutilated genitalia
    she thinks it's handsome
    if you still got your skin, more power to you

    I do get his point though, about repression in society
    leading to 'old wives tales' of joint cracking and arthritis
    that scare young Brits into thinking they will have life long damage
    from simple joint cracking

  • Michael?

  • Ben actually.

    Lol - you been circumcised then.

    He makes the world sound like some kind of dictatorial madness though. And maybe i am english, maybe i am not - and it isn't just Brits who are affected.

  • The world is full of madness.
    Just look at the internet.

  • Yeh i know - there are some very sick people.

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