How to crack your hip

  • Hi all, I'm new here. Its great to meet other crackheads. I am pretty excited about a new crack I have found, does anyone know what I mean by that?

    Well, its in my hips. Occasionally a hip has cracked but I finally figured out how to do it every time. You kind of look like you're doing balet.

    Stand with your right foot pointing forward. Lift your left leg behind you and bend it, putting your foot behind your right knee. It helps to put your arms out or hold on to a table. Keeping your right leg on the floor, bend your body straight forward. If you're half the crackhead I am, which Im sure you are you should feel an amazing hip pop. Repeat on the left side.

    Folks I am guessing this only works on women but would love to know if guys try too.

    I try to limit my cracking to once or twice a day but don't doubt that i can crack more joints than most people on this site. Some of the weirder ones are my sternum and nose.

    Lets organize an annual crack-off competition! Who's down?

  • i just tried - felt stupid lol.

    it didnt work

  • Ahhh… the hip, I can get 2-3 out of each side.
    1st stand on r. leg lean to r., then rotate forward and then back
    switch sides
    How can you limit cracks... they just kinda happen...

  • It must be painful in some way :?

  • Your so funny… it is a great tension release... I don't know about Swedes, but a massuse once told me that americans hold all their tension in their hips, personally I think it is more twords the back side... :twisted:

  • I'm funny? Well yes usually lol :lol:

    Not a very good joke lol but i would guess that tension is held in the neck, shoulders area.

  • Ahh, felt great! I can now pop almost everything on my body. Just have to get that sternum. Can't quite get that one… 😞

  • Thank you for this tip! I really sufferred whole day, becouse my left hip/leg was hurting for some reason. It felt like it should be cracked and I followed your tip and it really popped aloud 😄
    And what a relief!

    Thanks man! (or woman)

  • I must not be visualizing this correctly – how does the placement of the left foot affect the process? When I put it behind my right knee and bend forward ... I'm just bending forward. There's no strain on any joint. There's also very little leverage to put any pressure on any joint, really. Maybe this indeed doesn't work for guys? :?

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