Jaw Cracking, Very Satisfying!!

  • Not for me - it hurts.

  • Cracking my jaw right now. Been able to do this for about 15 years, amazingly only on the rhs. was painful at first, my dentist wanted to take my wisdom teeth out but I told him where to go.

    Not painful now and my jaw cracks on demand and every now and then by itself. Very loud, very wierd, and very satisfying.

  • Lol you go Tim :lol:

    Would it have been necessary to take them out?

  • I love clicking my jaw, it really is difficult to explain the feeling.

    And the noise it makes, it practically echoes around the room!!

  • I just don't know how you do it but i am kind of happy.

  • @Ben:

    I love clicking my jaw, it really is difficult to explain the feeling.

    And the noise it makes, it practically echoes around the room!!

    i know, they can be really loud like the neck!

  • I can get cracks in both sides of my jaw…all I do is push on the side of my jawbone and it cracks just like a knuckle, quite loudly actually. The left side cracks the loudest by far but the right side sometimes pops 2 or three times. This is by far my favorite thing on my body to crack.

    It is definetely synovial cavitation and not grinding because I can only get it to crack about every half hour or so.

  • Mine sometimes cracks when yawning. Man it hurts like H**l!

  • i crack my jaw all the time. Left and right. Up and Down. sometimes when i'm eating and stuff i cant help it. it just happens. i do real loud ones at times. but mainly just normal cracks. 24/7. apparently the disk is like real loose or something. hmmmm.

  • jaw is a big no-no with me…..

  • hey first post.

    I crack both sides of my on a daily basis. I just get that feeling you know a joint is due for crack. I then simple push my jaw forward creating a underbite and eventually "POP". The cracks are powerful and loud and I have a feeling it wont be good for my jaw down the road, oh well.

    I used to, or maybe still due, grind my teeth when im sleeping, so my jaw is all screwy. I can pop it in and out of place on both sides. Id advise people to be careful about cracking their jaw, you can lock it out of place which will be excuriatingly painful.

    Another another note… being my first post, might as well list my 'cracks'..

    starting at the top..

    my jaw, both sides

    don't like doing the nect

    shoulders rarely

    elbows pop by themselves regularly

    wrists are fun

    all 30 joints in my hands multiple times daily

    my spine daily

    my chest pops right down the center, if I push my arms behind my back and stick my chest out, and I hear popping right down the center of my chest, not sure thats normal or really whats going on there

    hips never

    knees daily, I just stand on one leg and twist, and POP

    ankles of course, very satisfying but starting to create soreness in one ankle

    20 joints on my toes, my favorite being the big toe.

    just rolling around in bed or daily movement and my body cracks somewhere, I'm always popping, I dont get it.

    Also I can repeatly crack my knuckles in both hands continously (without recharge) by just making a fist, not sure whats going on there either

    Im not sure how I feel about joint cracking, its just something I do. Not even sure I enjoy it. Only a few joints do I REALLY like to crack. My big toe. The distal joint of my thumb, and sometimes my knees. otherwise I don't really care for it

  • Perhaps you can make a video of all the joints you can crack

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