Here's my list of things that I crack.

  • -All of my vertebrae, including my coccyx.
    -My jaw; (it makes the loudest KRRRAAAAAKK!! sound that you'll ever hear).*
    -My sternum.
    -Occassionally a rib or two; (and sometimes all of them).
    -My shoulders.
    -My scapulae. (Shoulderblades).
    -My elbows.
    -My carpals. (The bones that compose the structure of the wrists).
    -My metacarpals. (The finger joints that make up the structure of the
    -All of the joints in my fingers.
    -My !CENSORED! (Yes, folks, I do mean that certain part of the male
    anatomy. And, in case you're wondering why I censored it, it's so that I
    don't get a crapload of complaints in my inbox from a bunch of uptight
    jackasses saying how inappropriate it is for me to post such things on a
    public forum).
    -My hips.
    -My knees.
    -My ankles.
    -My feet.
    -All of the joints in my toes.
    *I don't suggest doing this repeatedly over a long period of time, as it will
    make your jaw REALLY sore, and may dislocate it.

  • can you do these on demand all at once/in quick succession? I'd love to see a video of it if you could!

  • Do you REALLY want to see a video of that, or are you just being funny?
    8O :lol: :oops:

  • When I was a kid (about 10 years old) I used to make cassette recordings of my knuckles being cracked - so I could play it back later…

    I know, I know... Kinda wierd :roll:


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