Any other issues?

  • I believe my joint cracking has much to do with stress and how I am "always worried" about everything.

    Does anyone here suffer with any other habbits?

    For example, I am also a habitual nail biter. I bite until they hurt, then bite more until they bleed. I have no nails to bite anymore…

    So, in addition to jointcracking, I also suffer with severe and chronic onychophagia (nail biting).

    Am I alone on this?

  • i guess if you're stress cracking could be a way to relieve it…

  • Do you like bite off a lot of the like pink bit (sorry don't know the name of it) where the nail is attached to?

  • man thats got to hurt!

  • Yeh, i sometimes do it by mistake, but you have to bite it off it not some of the nail is left half on.

  • eww 8O

  • Actually just painful.

  • :?

  • ????

  • sorry random smilie 8)

  • Oh

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