How to crack Temporo-Mandibular Joint

  • How do I do this, I really want my jaw to crack. Any ideas. Please help me out


  • I wish I could help you, but I have no way of explaining it, other than you just kinda…pop it. :oops:

  • I can pop my jaw by placing the palm-h**l of my hand on the muscle and then pushing in.

    Have a cracking good time!

  • My jaw popped a lot. I could make all sorts of sounds with it.

    But….I don't recommend it. I found out that my cartilage wore out. A lot of people pop their TMJ because the cartilage disc moved off or wore out and it's just bone pounding on bone.

    I can't open my mouth wide anymore.

    My jaw developed arthritis and I'm always in pain and have headaches.

  • I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND U WANTING TO CRACK YOUR JAW. I've been doin this since i was a kid. I'm trying to stop. But here's how i do it; and i can only do the right side. I make a fist and make the index finger stick out a little more to make contact with the jaw bone a little down from the ear on the side of your face and tense my jaw muscle and then untense it and then hit it with the index finger. It sometimes takes a while. Since my finger has been getting soar from hitting it i use a small hammer. I know this sounds weird..but it works for me. Happy cracking!!

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