Fake nose cracking

  • Here is a way to fool people that you are cracking your nose and really freak them out:

    Put your hands together like you are praying and hold your nose between your fingers. The trick that they cannot see is that you hook your thumbnails behind your front teeth, and when you move your hands like you are cracking your nose you pull your thumbnails forward so they make snapping noises as they pull out from behind your teeth.

    People get really grossed out at this stupid human trick.

  • Nice, I just might try that. :lol:

  • if i push my nose to one direction with a little force, it actually pops

  • have you ever broken your nose, or is it just a weird ability?

  • just a weird ability - never broke my nose. actually since i last posted, i found out that i can pop the cartilage on both sides (if i push left and then push right).

  • Me too. I can also crack my nose cartelidge by moving it from side to side. It feels good.

  • It sounds cool being able to crack your nose

    Keep trying pushing it to the side and gripping it then pushing but alas, no crack. The fake sounds hard to do and if you have no nails and you bite them a lot aka me - then you have no chance.

  • Never heard of a nose cracking lol. Don't think I'd care to try it. lol 😛

  • @AquaLiz:

    Never heard of a nose cracking lol. Don't think I'd care to try it. lol 😛

    It is hard to do

    Plus what is this under construction thing?

  • LOL I told you, that's what's in my signature box. Go into your profile editing area. There's a spot for sig. I'm going to put a quote there eventually but I haven't found one yet. Hence under construction.

    Anyway - I wouldn't consider nose cracking…that kinda creeps me out, actually. LOL

  • Yeh sorry didn't see it on the other thread.
    I wanna remove my avatar.

    But a nose crack is pretty cool but i don't wanna do it now.

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