Anybody use an inversion table?

  • Just wondering because my friend has an inversion table that his mom used for her back that is sitting collecting dust in the basement, and it could probably be purchased for next to nothing.

    Wouldn't that be a great way to crack your back, if you were upside-down and fastened by your legs so your whole body weight pulls down?

  • i can't answer your question but i just wanted to say that i saw a commercial for one of these the other day and became instantly intrigued. the website for it is . the guy makes all these claims that it's great for your back, considering gravity is constantly pulling us down and inversion is the only time it relieves the stress.
    personally i am interested in trying this, because it seems like a good way to stretch. people will probably think you're crazy though

    also this is my first post, so hi everybody i stumbled upon this website via wikipedia. i have been cracking my joints for years and now that i found this place i'm going to try and figure out what it's all about.

  • I have used an inversion table off and on for 20 years. I find that while it helps relieve pressure on my lower back, it had minimal effect on my upper back.

    I do sometimes crack my back by do light twists but, overall, have not found it to make cracking easier or more beneficial.

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