Great new furniture-assisted back crack technique

  • You need a bed and a dresser that is very close to the bed. All you do is lay down lengthwise between the dresser and the bed on your back and cross your dresser-side leg over your body and jam it below the bed so that it is wedged there. Your body will be pretty twisted, which is good.

    Then (depending on how long your arms are) you open up one of the dresser drawers so you can push up against it with the same side arm as whatever leg you have crossed over and wedged under the bed. Once you are sure the drawer can withstand the force you just shove up against the drawer and use the force to crank your back the opposite way from the bed.

    It results in my back making a sound like a zipper as it cracks all the way up to the neck.

    Yes, when I cannot fall asleep at night or am drunk I sit and obsess about new methods of cracking joints.

  • that sounds really freaking complicated, what not just sit on the floor, right foot over left knee, and twist? Or push back on a chair? Effective, and simple

  • I agree….way too complicated and you can just do as Charles says and get the same results!

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