Fellow Clicker Needs You!

  • @Robiscool:

    Hey Y'all,

    I know how to do the most common joints, Fingers ect. By I am having real trouble trying to Pop my neck and back, I know it is bad for you but nearly everything is nowadays. If there are any Knee Cap Clickers out there I would really love you know your secret.

    The best way I find to crack my knees is, when lying bed i flex my legs tight as possible for about 3-5 secs and then pull my towards my chest and I find it releases the pressure super well.


  • ah, well i have already said how to do the neck, but the knee

    Now, i do it two ways

    One, feels like you actually move the kneecap to the side, the other causes a brief second of pain then like 5 seconds of great relief.

    Method 1

    stand up, without touching your knee, pull your leg back so your knee is back to, then move it at a like 45 degree angle and at the very least, feel a slight pull or a loose form of cracking.

    Method 2

    On your bed where the "curb" of the bed is ie at the end of the top and going to the side, put your knee over the bend and then move down or up. However you have to put the bit of the knee where it just starts to go to the kneecap.



  • yeah good methods blaze :D

  • Yeh but number 2 hurts to do.

  • backs often need a good stretch though…

  • yeah

  • what kind of answer or response is "yeah"…put more into your answers.

  • ok well the weirdest way i've frigured is driving a car, set the seat so that it is a little too close to the steering wheel not so much that your body is touching but just enough for your gas pedal leg is at an upward angel, so drive for a while on cruise and rest your foot on the brake pedal without pressing it or moving your foot, after a while your knee will start to ache a little from staying in the same position, now move you leg back to the gas pedal and you should hear a crack in your knee. works everytime for me.

  • To crack my knees, usually I am using my laptop in bed, and my legs are straight out. I then push my left inner foot against my right foot toes and push to the right, and I usually get a single or double knee crack. Then I reverse this and push my inner right foot against my left foot toes and push to the left. I do not move my position or laptop, so the movement is subtle. But big cracks do feel good.

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