Popping upper back/ spine.

  • Hi.
    I was having trouble popping my uper back the other day, until it finally gave– what relief! Anyways, for all those who had the same problem I did, try and take these tips into account:

    Alot of popping my upper back comes from utilizing my shoulders-- pull them back and shrug, and try to push one down while pulling another up. Tilt your head gently towards either side... this helps me get those nasty pops out.

  • to crack my upper and mid back, I sit in an office chair that is rather short and only comes part of the way up my back. School desk chair works great, especially if they are hard chairs.

    I then simply lean backwards, bending my back over the chair. Many loud cracks usually result.

  • School chairs are defiantly the best.

  • you got that right, jenna.

    At my job, the training/conference room has old chairs that are the perfect height for back cracks. I get excited at the thought, I give my back a good workout, cracking all day long during training!

  • I used to love the upper back pop I could get from school desk chairs but I haven't sat in those in years so I have to resort to other measures. I can easily pop my lower back just by twisting, either while sitting or while lying down. The only way my upper back will pop is if I have help. Thankfully my fiance is willing to pop my upper back for me by hugging me and lifting me up.

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