Cracking Ears?

  • I can and have been crackin my ears for 3 months now and i was wondering if others do it also? if u are thinking how can this possibly be if u want try just pull on the lobe of the ear but u gotta give a good tug.
    it feels so good afterwards for me at least

  • i can crack my ears! except i pull down on the cartilage and then make a "C" shape outwards. like if i'm streching the skin. another way of cracking your ear is by pulling on the lobe like magicman said. =D

  • I can do this too but I can do it over and over like cracking a foot.

  • I can pop the lower portion of my ear by either pulling the lobe outward at about a 45 degree angle, or by placing my forefinger on the ledge just above the lobe and my thumb on the upper portion of the back of my lobe and pulling at that same angle.

    Also, I can pop the upper cartilage.
    there are two ways I do it.

    1. I form a "trigger finger" with my forefinger and place it against my head in the top front corner of my ear, then hook over the top of my ear with my thumb and grip it between those two fingers. Then I place the rest of my fist along side my head and pull out and down, using my pinky knuckle as the fulcrum. If my hand is sweaty or greasy, I use a cloth for grip. This yields a highly textured sound and was kind of scary the first time I did it. The ear really shifts when I do this.

    My four year old watched me do it and he wanted to try. I did it to him and it worked, but we have since agreed it's just not his thing, nor is any crack. He says cracking hurts.

    2. If I place my thumb (the thumbprint part) on the inside of the top of my cartilage so that the contours match, and my forefinger hooking over the top of the ear pointing toward the back of my head, I pull straight up, and it pops. It is a quieter and crisper crack than the first method.

    This method was actually my first introduction to ear popping. I was the "uke" in a martial arts headlock escape that involves pulling the attacker's ear. I resisted slightly and it popped. Everyone in the class heard it.

    Tonight I tried this second method of popping the upper cartilage and it popped with a more textured sound, and shifted the ear more. It scared me and hurt a little. Half an hour later, after researching the internet, signing up for a jointcrackers account, and typing this entry, it still is sensitive and warm. Should I be worried? Anyone else had this experience?

    On a similar note, I saw some entries on this site about cracking other cartilage: the nose, sternum and p***s. I have done all these. The latter has happened three times, all while e***t (pushing the corona downward with the base of the shaft as the fulcrum) and all by accident. It scares me too much to do it on purpose!

    Any research out there on cartilage cracking?

  • I first started cracking my ears in 1986. I'e been doing it ever since, thats almost 30 years. Whats crazy is the only compulsive ear cracker I ever met was my wife. Thats right when we met she was already an ear cracker. So weird! And we are not really that weird of people. Now we have 2 kids and they cant stand to have their ears cracked.
    I've checked with so many doctors to see what is exactly going on internally when I crack my ears and I get various answers. Is it cartilage? Why does it snap or crack?
    Now only a few years ago I was unable to crack my ears on a daily basis. Its more like once every 3-8 weeks can this stupid procedure be done. How did it stop?
    Here are the top causes for popping cracking noises within the body
    -Cracking sounds occur when bubbles form in joints as they are pulled apart
    -Cavitation within the joint—small cavities of partial vacuum form in the -synovial fluid and then rapidly collapse, producing a sharp sound.
    -Rapid stretching of ligaments.
    -Intra-articular (within-joint) adhesions being broken.

    Any clue?

  • One day in class, I tripped over a chair and my friend grabbed my ear to save me and it popped really loud and everyone heard it and he thought he had broken it. I went home that day and was able to pop both of my ears. Another thing I learned while stroking my chin, is that I can pop my bottom lip. I grabbed it and pulled it down and it popped.

    Is this normal?

  • @jacobox No.

  • O*g. I can crack my lower lip in three different spots. I have searched forever to find info or anyone else who can but this is my first time finding anything. I have YouTube video of me doing it too.

  • I can crack each of my ears in two different places. One right in the middle (side) of the ear and the other is at the earlobe. Is there anyone else who can crack their ears in more than one spot?

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