New user with new "crack"… collarbone of doom

  • Hi everybody!
    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a crack or as some sort of injury, but I'll let you discuss that.
    I'm talking of cource about the lovely collarbone!
    More spesifically the right one cause mr. left decided he didn't wanna join the fun. And by fun I mean pain cause it hurts like h**l too!

    What I do is I drop my shoulder as far down as possible with the arm hanging limp. retract the shoulder towards my back ( imagine trying to have your shoulders touch each other on the rearside of your torso, only with one shoulder… Yeah... That made sense...)
    Then I pull it up as high as I can while still holding it back, push forward as hard as I can while keeping it as high as I can, then pushing downwards while keeping it as much forward as I can.
    It's a square sort of rotation, with alot of force applied.

    The sound that comes from this sounds rather violent (I've shocked everyone with this sound, some guy almost puked 😛 )
    Like a hundred small cracks going off in succession, rather than one big crack. Or a rope being twisted so hard it's about to break.
    Also the neck tends to crack abit as well at the same time.

    All in all it's a painfull grinding motion, with a grindish feel to it, and a very grindishingable sound. Don't do it alot though cause it's not really pleasant, and I believe it to be harmfull. discovered it while doing benchpresses.

    I'll post a video on youtube if someone are interested in hearing the freakish sound 🙂

    On a sidenote: any good lowerback-breaking techniques for people that just can't get the "push this way" or "push that way" ones to work? Like a torture device or something? I just can't get it to make the d**n noise.

  • I'll post a video on youtube if someone are interested in hearing the freakish sound 🙂

    I'd be interested in seeing a video. Are you sure you don't have a subluxation in your shoulder? My shoulder will sometimes pop in and out making a loud cracking sound that is very painful. You may be doing some damage.

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