Tips for Beginners

  • I'm just a new knuckle-cracker…I've only been at it for a couple of DAYS.. Is it really worth it? How long did it take before you find yourself doing it without thinking? Also, I usually can only crack about 4 knuckles in a row. Does it get easier as time goes by? And, are there any other methods besides for pulling (which i don't like) that usually work? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Hi there…as far as cracking being worth it? I will leave that to somebody else to answer. As far as methods for knuckle cracking go I would have to agree that pulling is my least favortie (and least satisfying). Two other ways that I crack kunckles are by bending my fingers backwards (grab at the tip and bend back toward the top of your kids like to do that one to me) and my absolute favorite is to make a fist (keep your fingers lose, not curled up) and press your knuckles toward your palm. Just about all cracks get easier as time goes by. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the 2 methods..I've tried them but I'm not having much luck..any warm up exercises? other tricks?

  • Is it really worth it?

    To me it is. I just love the endorphin rush from a good back crack. It, actually, is kind of addictive.

  • It is way worth it, The looks on peoples faces. If i had $1 for every time someone looked when i did it. I would be a multi-millionaire 🙂

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