Doctor didn't help.

  • So, What EXACTLY were you wanting to hear? What (if anything) would have made you happy?

  • it's not about what I want to hear…it's not about making me happy. I would like to know why I'm in such discomfort and if there's anything I can do to help myself. Accupuncture? Herbs? Baths at night are not always convenient for a working girl who barely gets enough time to cook dinner after the day is done. I also have issues of tendonitis in many of my joints where i crack (especially in my sholder, where I had a very painful run of tendonitis in my rotator cuff a few months back). I guess I wanted some medical prevention or concern rather than having to deal with the after-effects. For someone in their mid-20's this is too, much too early. My sarcasm only comes from people who claim to know more about you than you know about yourself. To me, I am not comfortable and not right in my own her (and maybe to you), I'm just a complaining girl with a disgusting habit.

  • I joined this group to possibly find some answers, or at least some support from others like myself. I seem to know no one who has as much discomfort as myself or who even feels like this is a potential problem to their health and wellbeing. My joints snap even if I don't try and crack them. I feel like a slave to them…I'm just looking for answers/help.

  • I know exactly what your going through and I feel your pain, I have the same discomforts, I am 19, and I have always had problems sleeping due to the same things you described, and when I lived with a partner for a few months It was near impossible for me to sleep cuddling or even touching the person do to the feelings of discomfort and pressure on my joints for staying in 1 position. but sleeping isn't even my main problem, I play lead guitar very actively in a band, and I have very big problems sometimes where without cracking my joints the right way, putting pressure on my fingures causes sharp pains, and sometimes the pains won't go away unless I take a day off playing the guitar, which just can't happen sometimes for me, so I'm, for lack of a better word "Frustrated". the only thing that has kept me from going to a doctor is the fact that I am still young and I am aware of people who had the same problems when they were close to my age but grew out of it, this could be something to do with the body not being fully grown or other things I haven't looked into. but I hope that it works out that way for you, your in your mid 20's as you said and maybe you will just grow out of it in a few years, and I know thats no help for the present, but its atleast something to look forward to, I know I do. either way Im there with ya.

  • I can certainly understand wanting to take out your frustrations on others, but understanding is not the same thing as agreement.

    It is about what you want to hear, it is really ONLY about what you want to hear. It isn't about anything else…. except maybe why it is you are reluctant to admit that.

    Based on what this site is all about and the fact that I took the time to join, it would be a pretty safe assumption that I also have many of the same symptoms that you do. Much like your doctor, my comments were only attempts to respond to you--made by somebody in good faith and with good intentions. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you Jonas. I am a musician too- classical though- and funny enough, I started cracking my shoulder during rehearsals years ago! It is difficult to sit in one place for any extended amount of time. It is difficult to remain still for many "please remain still" moments. The cuddling at night is sometimes do-able and other times totally non do-able. I think we would be awful at getting MRIs or any other extended "please try and remain still" scans (as I am an avid House Md watcher, thus the lingo). :lol:

    I know what you mean about being frustrated with playing your music and having this issue too. How unprofessional to sit on stage, black/white formals and all, cracking your ankles between pieces. Although I play clarinet and not lead guitar and I am allowed some breaks to replenish myself, I feel you on your frustrations. At least I'm not trying to become a professional musican anymore, but now working at a desk…long hours in one place... and, well, that can be very irritating too (for multiple reasons).

    (Selfishly- but with no real ill-intent) It is nice to know that someone out there may be going through similar problems. Thank you for sharing!!

  • What do I want to hear?….hummmmm...that is a good question. My problem is not forcing my frustration out on others, my problems is being able to talk about it with others. Helpful suggestions, a touch of empathy, and possibly a medical explanation as to why this bothers more people other than myself. So to answer your question (or rather your statement) shallowhal on what I want to hear...well, I just don't know...that is why I am here.

    I know (or at least hope) that your intentions are good, but while no one seems to be able to fix my problems at the moment, talking about them and knowing others have similar issues is a secure step in the right direction.

    So then I pose the question back to you... what do YOU want to hear or know due to the fact that you took time to join this site? Maybe your questions will assist me in mine.

    respectfully and in good faith best of luck to you too.

  • Haha well lets hope we don't have to be getting MRI's any time soon, I watch the show House also, its at the top of my list right next to Dexter which is another very well done show, although slighlty different in premise(Dexter being about a crime fighting serial killer.. it could happen).

    Back on topic, if you would like to know my thoughts on our mutual problem, and although doctors will all tell you something different, here is my theory.

    I think a big reason all of our joints seem to be under pressure and in the need of some good cracking and repositioning at times, is due to stress, and I don't mean that psycho babble mental stress needing a vacation and what not.. I'm referring to more physical stress, where we may, albeit not knowingly, tense all of our muscles and joints during the day, just from being stressed out or overworked or whatever the cause may be, even bad posture and the way we sleep may contribute to it. So when the doctor told you to take a hot bath, the reason this works is because it relaxes all of your muscles, which are otherwise under alot of strain. So although I'm sure a vast majority of the population are stressed from their jobs and or family/ housework etc, the people that don't have our problems are the people who most likely are able to relax and get good a nights sleep, which may just be what our joints need. Although this wouldn't take effect right away, having 1 or 2 or even a week of good sleep would not take our problem away, I think if we can find a way to relax everynight sleep well and not tense up so much during the day, gradually we may notice our joint problems less and less and with time not at all.

    Now I'm sure while we work on all of this there are things to do that will assist us, such as the hot baths, and there are probably types of drugs out there that will help you relax your muscles, but for me I think I will stay away from any pharmaceuticals, and just try to develop better sleeping habits and try to remeber to relax more often, and just not think about the problem as much, because the more you think about it the more it bothers you, believe me I know that as well as anyone.

    So I hope this applies to you, and I hope that it helps, because I honestly don't think it could be anything else other than the body not being fully grown, which obviously in most cases for people over 20 is most likely not the case.

  • Jonas, your thoughtful reply is very much appreciated and I think you are most likely on to something. :idea: It is true, I tend to be a Type A personality with lots of daily stress built up in my body and not much of that stress released at night. I indeed agree with you that a warm bath at night may help our little problem before bedtime so I pose to you a trial run of the "Warm Bath Theory" and let's live the results.
    Being a full believer in science methodology and an advocate for statistical rationalization, I will put our cozy theory to test. Who wouldn't want to get all comfy and warm before bed? I think the only way to be methodical is to trial a few nights as normal, noting (in your sleepy head) the amount of discomfort and cracking needed before rest can be achieved. Then try the same with the "WaBaT" (as all good scientific theories are abbreviated cleverly to sound like animals having nothing to do with the study) and see if there are any real results. Maybe it is possible to even get our minds to have a Pavlovian response to a warm bath if indeed this plan is a success. From there we may be able to channel our good thoughts of warm baths into everyday/night life and find that happy little place of rainbows and gumdrops in order to calm us down and de-stress ourselves in any situation and relieve our tired joints of their relentless cracking!
    I'm sarcastic but I'm still an optimist! –-who is with me?? 😄

  • Community Lead

    Just wanted to follow-up on this. Jonas theory really is very interesting.

    Bhe, have you had a chance to try the cozy relaxation technique yet? Did it help?

    Hoping we will hear from you again.

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