Cracking your back without moving

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    The 2004 65th annual American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conference in Phoenix, Arizona, revealed the development of an upcoming "Traction" device.

    "Traction" is like the ultimate back-stretch. The patient is strapped into this machine (very similar to the torture device seen in "The Princess Bride" (1988) - but much more comfortable) and slowly stretched to ease the tension on the lower back, lumbar vertebrate and disks. It feels great. But unfortunately, it didn't make Seth any taller.

    This is what the machine looks like:

    Please post if you have any more details on this new product.

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    Interesting. I found Inversion Therapy Back Stretching Machines when pursuing this.

    Benefits from using such a machine:

    The inverted traction position decompresses discs and has a beneficial effect on thin degenerating discs. Studies have concluded that a minimum of 70 seconds is required for maximum decompression. Health professionals recommend 1 to 3 minutes of use, 2-3 times a day.

    Kinda makes me wanna get one of these.

    I have yet to find the manufacturer of the new "Traction" device but there are clearly tons of products out there.

    They are usually listed as inversion therapy product for your health.

    I can make out the letters "EpineMED" on the side of the "Traction" machine. But that's a Google dead-end so far.

  • That machine looks like it stretches you a lot. Then you would be influencing other joints to need to be cracked. I think you would be getting more relief by using that, but causing you more problems when you get older.

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